Hey, Becky, do you like to watch PBSKids?

Of course! I watch it all the time

(Slyly) How much do you hate Tobey?

I don’t hate Tobey I just dislike him.. I’d probably like him more if he didnt try to destroy the city or my house as often

Also whats with that tone!?

do you ever read the dictionary for fun?

Yeah all the time I won best reader for a reason.


💕 on We Heart It.
hey, Bob! what's your favorite kind of lunchmeat?

'Squeak sueak squeak squeak!!'

"He said asking him to pick would be like choosing a favorite child"

wait… does this mean there were unicorns on Lexicon?

Well I asked Bob and-

He told me he doesn’t know what this ‘Lexicon’ is

when did you first start to love unicorns?


Hmmm… I think I first started to love them when I was really young.

I know your secret identity

What do you mean? I don’t have a secret identity.